Input file format

The Sift server ranks a set of structures according to a number of sequence independent filters. The structures to be ranked need to be submitted as one (compressed) file containig individual structures, either in the pdb or loopp format. Please use the unix zip utilities or alternatively zip utility on other operating system in order to create such a file.

PDB Format - all individual pdb files should be zipped into one file.

Loopp format - each structure is represented by two loopp files (name.seq,, all files should be zipped into one file. Multiple families of structures can be submitted with each family in a separate subdirectory.

To zip all files in the current directory to one file (to be created in the current directory) use the following command:

zip archiveName *

Single model - only one pdb file in the text format is expected, should not be ziped, in this case a gif file will be attached to the e-mail with the representation of the score for each amino acid.

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